Japanese Railways Poster, 1930s. Unknown artist. Via wiki

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My contribution for the I Want To Live In Los Angeles/Not The One In Los Angeles exhibition curated by Benjamin Ferrachat, Justine Ponthieux, Robin Margerin & Ana Vega and taking place at the Torrance Art Museum. The exhibition is about the distorded image one can have of a city, and the mythology one can create without knowing the reality of it all. Benjamin found a lot of references to the american culture in my work and invited me to create a poster to be part of the show.

New round of travel begins…Seattle, Miami, New Orleans, Boston…and Peru in the next 2 months.


Teki Latex, Orgasmic and Emile Shahidi talk about the birth of Sound Pellegrino, the label’s 5-year history, the way we pick tracks for the label, the tough parts of running an independent label and much more!

English version:

Japanese version:


Can I Show You A Trick?

What started as a personal design exercise, resulted in a beautiful deck of cards where every symbol, number, face and back is individually created by graphic designer Tyler Deeb.

We always fall for good design overhauls of classic items.

See inside the whole deck of cards here.


By Kilian Eng