1970’s interiors, Verner Panton

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Dark souls tribute illustration. 



Chinatown Sartorialist.

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this is everything to me.

Anonymous asked: It hurts when I pee/ Urethra full of hot knives / Next time wrap it up



Yup, great advice.  DYK: condoms are the ONLY method of birth control that help protect against both STDs and pregnancy! 

ps. y’all are totally rockin’ these poem submissions.

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Binder says the fish swam around for 20 to 30 minutes. “They just kept trying to beach themselves,” Binder says. Eventually, they did flop up on the beach; after that, “it didn’t take long for them to expire.”


Jimmel, an owl-faced monkey, keeps a watchful eye out as she protects her one-month old baby

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E-40, from Northern California, is widely known for creating slang, flouting the rules and knowing everybody from everywhere. 40 spoke with Microphone Check hosts Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley about Lil Jon, T-Pain, Tupac and Too Short. They started their conversation talking business and in particular, the model that 40 provided New Orleans’ own Master P when No Limit Records was just a twinkle in his eye.